Let them praise Me

This Sunday morning, I had a church service. And towards the end of the service, there was an alter call. The Pastor and other Church leaders were praying, the worship music was on and while everyone was singing. The person next to me was clapping. Loudly in my ear and that distracted me because I’m like, the sound from their hands are ringing and hurting my ears.

 I was like “Godddd” and I’m not exaggerating, I was saying deep within me; complaining like “GOOODDD why is this person clapping so loudly. Can you tell that person to stop? This is worship time, everything ‘supposed’ to be quiet!”

And then He said:

“Let those who praise Me, praise Me how they can. At the end of the day I’m looking at the heart”

I felt bad during that moment that I was criticizing how someone was showing their awe for the Lord.

Some speak in tongues, others when the Holy Spirit enters them they start shouting proclamations about God. That person in the back row can be singing out of tune, a few drop to their knees or lay down. And the person next to me that was clapping really loud in my ear during worship was using whatever she could to praise God.

There is no one way to praise and worship God. If we become so fixated and have one way to give Him our all. It becomes more like a religion rather than a relationship. Every one of us have different ways of worshiping God but we all worship the same God.

The thing is, God is looking at the heart. You can raise your arms to the Father and still have your mind wander off or be putting up a facade because you don’t want others to know you are struggling.

None of those mean anything if what’s inside of you hasn’t changed. So the next time you’re frustrated because your brother or sister in Christ is too loud, not singing the right words or isn’t coordinated with the whole clapping thing. And you’re tempted to tell that person off after the church service is over. Ask God to transition your mind to Him. Ask Him to work on your heart, push all the worries away and wait upon the Lord so that you can hear him.

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