Do Not Worry!

One of my all-time scriptures for worry and stress is Matthew 6:34 “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today” (NRSV) This shows us how we should be living our lives, by taking it one step at time. “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for [...]

Dry Bones Live

Yesterday afternoon, my mum, siblings and I were reading Ezekiel chapter 37. Some might be familiar with this scripture but it's the story of Ezekiel prophesying over these dry bones. Ezekiel is a prophet and in a vision, he sees the hand of God and God leads him to a valley. In the valley laid dry [...]

Who are you fighting?

It's interesting how throughout Jesus' crucifixion when he was mocked, spat on, beaten, bruised, hurt, bleeding, in pain, wrongly accused, degraded and treated unjustly — he never spoke a word. I know without a doubt, I would have said something. But he didn't! And it was not because he was the Son Of God. I [...]