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  • The Greatest Love Story

    The Greatest Love Story

    I have heard people say that the cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story ever told. I finally understand why. It’s because of the ultimate sacrifice that God was willing to pay for us. It’s so easy to sacrifice something if the person is going to appreciate it. But it’s a lot harder… Read more

  • Strip me back: What February taught me

    Even though it’s almost the end of March, I wanted to share my growth from February to now. This is going to be raw, honest and transparent. I thought about not sharing this but refrained from the idea. But now, in this growth journal – what I go through is not meant to be hidden… Read more

  • Give God your time

    Give God your time

    “Time flies”, a phrase that has been echoed over and over again. There always seems to be a huge emphasis on time. Wherever we go – time is always on our mind, how we spend it, what we do with the time given and how to make sure that time doesn’t slip from our fingertips.… Read more

  • Trust in the Lord

    Trust in the Lord

    Then the Lord said to him, “who gives you speech to mortals? Who makes them mute or deaf, seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?” Exodus 4:11 Have you ever experienced moments in your life where God has asked you to do something? Or right now He’s placed a burning passion in your… Read more

  • Wait on the Lord!

    Wait on the Lord!

    “My soul waits silently on God alone for my expectation is from Him” Psalm 62:5 (NKJV) Notice David says my soul waits silently on God alone. I want to ask you, are you waiting on God?  Or are you trying to do things that will “help God” or speed up the waiting period. Are you… Read more

  • Change your perspective

    Change your perspective

    Three days ago, I bought a bouquet which is featured in this blog for one of my close friends who graduated from bible college. I’m so proud of you Melissa and Melinda (if you’re reading this). During that afternoon I looked at this bouquet and thought to myself “Gee it’s not that much”. I messaged one of… Read more