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  • The Word of God in the wilderness/world

    The Word of God in the wilderness/world

    I want to share what I learnt from studying Luke 4:1-13 in my quiet time. “Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the spirit in the wilderness” (Luke 4:1) This is significant because the Holy Spirit was the one that led Jesus into the wilderness, away from people… Read more

  • Use what God has given you

    Use what God has given you

    Tonight I had Creative at church, where all volunteers that are part of the vocal/choir, band, photography, multimedia, light and sound desk, meet up to hear the vision of the team. This happens fortnightly. On the way to Church, I was thinking about how other people wanted to learn the keyboard. I was happy to… Read more

  • You Will Get There!

    You Will Get There!

    I want to share a moment that happened last year and what I learnt from it. Last year, it was my first year of university and I remember that I was running late for my lecture. Usually I get there 10 minutes early so that I can attend my lecture on time and I still… Read more

  • FOCUS: August Growth Journal

    FOCUS: August Growth Journal

    This month, I learnt that worship is indeed a weapon. God has been teaching me where I place my eyes and challenged me on what I worship. I find that whatever seems “bigger than me” is where I place all of my attention and project all of my fears. For example, if someone is afraid… Read more

  • Lay your crowns

    Lay your crowns

    Last Saturday morning, the song ‘We fall down’ by Chris Tomlin was laid in my heart. Then after I listened to the song, there was a link that directed me to the story behind the song. As I watched, I found out that the song was based on Revelations 4. I read the story for… Read more

  • God is in control

    God is in control

    God is in control. Jesus always knew that God was in control. He would often go to his secret place or spend time away from the crowd and his disciples to spend time with Father. He often prayed before he made a move, allowed the spirit of God to lead him into the wilderness and… Read more