I am not the Holy Spirit, nor will I ever be

By the time you’ve read the title, you’re probably wondering, where is she going with this?

It’s true, obviously, I’m not the Holy Spirit but sometimes we can try to do His job unintentionally. I had a very humbling moment last night where in the middle of a sermon that was teaching on how one of the benefits of fasting, is to humble oneself before the Lord… in a brief moment, I began to examine myself.

I began to realise there were some moments in my life where I developed pride unknowingly. I remember a point when I was doing a bible study with friends and as I was speaking, I was expecting more of a reaction. Then it dawned on me that I am not the Holy Spirit. My job is not to convict people. If He wanted to illuminate something to a person, He will do it but He doesn’t need my help. The Holy Spirit is the one that will guide people into all truth that will reveal the Father’s heart and lead us in our day-day lives.

Sometimes we do that with the gospel. I watched a movie a few days ago that was in my language. It was a Christian movie but it opened my eyes to the simplicity of the gospel. God had radically transformed this man’s life in the movie who used to do witchcraft and now serves Jesus. All that man had was a uni student who evangelised and took the time to read the word to him (because he couldn’t read). The word of God in its pure form, no sugar coating but the complete truth. And in that, he received salvation. Then that man began to preach the Good News to his entire village and they too believed.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. – Romans 1:16

Nowadays we add to the bible or try to make it more appealing to others in order to increase our ‘followers’. But the truth is, if we feel the need to add to the Gospel or take something away from it, then, in reality, we don’t really believe that God’s word is powerful enough to soften a hardened heart, to heal a broken soul, to bring life to a dead situation or bring an eternal hope to someone’s life. My friend once said, “Sometimes we feel the need to help God and forget that He doesn’t need our help”.

Our job is to be the salt and the light of the earth. It’s to preach the Good News and reach people but it’s not our job to convict them or convert them. Let God do what only He can do. The Holy Spirit will draw them in due time. You planted that seed, somebody will water but its God who gives growth (1 Cor 3:6-7).

When I read the book of Acts last year, I was amazed at how many times God added to the numbers (read Acts 2 in particular). Again, emphasizing that all we need to do is share the Good News. The Holy Spirit will come upon these people, the Holy Spirit will bring revelation, the Holy Spirit will bring healing, the Holy Spirit will bring deliverance and the Holy Spirit will transform that person’s life. The Holy Spirit, not us. All we need to do is to be led by Him and allow Him to use us.

Jesus, who was fully God and fully man still gave all the glory to God. Though he is God, He humbled Himself (Philippians 2:6-8). Even when He was teaching in the tabernacles and the Jews wondered who taught Him the scriptures, He explained to them that this teaching is not His own (John 7:16-18). That those who do the Father’s will seek to glorify Him and not themselves.

Just as we do the works that God has called us to do by the grace we received, we must point other back to Christ, just as He pointed the people in the gospels, back to God. At the end of the day, we are not the Saviour, Jesus Christ is. The same way, we are not in control – God is.

It’s easy to develop pride and start thinking that it was all you. But, these past few days caused me to really check myself. My wisdom is not like God’s, if anything, it’s foolishness in His sight. With God’s wisdom, it’s different, you don’t speak on your own accord but as instructed by the Holy Spirit. Every word I speak without the Holy Spirit falls to the ground but when the Spirit speaks, there is weight and it lasts.

The words I speak, the live videos I record and the blogs I share, are not my own. I give all the glory to God. It’s by the grace of God. I am nothing without Him. I am only a vessel. A vessel is just empty but when it carries something, there’s a purpose.

When we humble ourselves and recognise that it’s not as a result of our own strength, intellect, connections, wisdom, achievements, status etc. but realise that it’s because of God – we will willingly empty ourselves over and over again, allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way because we realise that it’s not only an opportunity to display the great works of God to those in our world but rather to glorify Him before others.

God bless,

Susan ♡

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