Tend to My Sheep

This morning, a guest speaker came to my church and preached on responding to the enemy with the Word of God. The only way to resist the enemy and not give into the devil’s lies is to know what the scriptures say.  After the sermon, there was an altar call for strongholds and he gave words of knowledge to different people.

As I was playing the keyboard during the altar call, I watched the leaders walk away from their seats to pray for each person. It was there in the middle of that moment,  that the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He told me how the shepherd has to always tend to the sheep. That it’s not about how many sheep wander into the shepherd’s pasture but how the shepherd (pastor) is able to look after them the way Jesus did. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who recognised that one lost sheep was missing. The more sheep you have, the bigger the responsibility and each shepherd (pastor) will be held accountable for every sheep. The ones that are led astray, unprotected by wolves, equipping the body of Christ etc.

I know that no shepherd on this earth will be perfect nor will they ever compare to Jesus Christ, but Jesus gave each disciple a task and those who he appointed to be shepherds – they are to watch over His flock.

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