Use what God has given you

Tonight I had Creative at church, where all volunteers that are part of the vocal/choir, band, photography, multimedia, light and sound desk, meet up to hear the vision of the team. This happens fortnightly.

On the way to Church, I was thinking about how other people wanted to learn the keyboard. I was happy to teach but I was afraid that I didn’t have enough experience or musical knowledge to share with them. I was worried that I’d make a fool of myself and tried to be someone I was it.

Then God spoke to my heart and showed me where my real insecurities lied – which was comparison and doubting the talents that I had in my hands. He reminded me of the story of the servants who were given many talents (found in Matthew 25:14-30) and brought a new revelation that I had not understood before.

By the time I arrived to church, I felt fired up and encouraged. I had to humble myself and told God, “I don’t know everything and that’s what bothers me. But I trust You and I know that in the gaps, You will stand in between and breathe over me”

The best part about these nights is not just the worship but the word that is spoken, that I can take with me throughout the week. Before separating into our areas, one of the Creative members preached on “”

One of the points that struck a chord in my heart was when he mentioned that the grass is not always greener on the other side but “The grass is always greener where you water it”. That statement blew me away and caused me to do an introspection.

With the talents that I have, am I going to develop it or continue envying and looking at how others are progressing? I was even reminded of the obvious fact, that nobody gets to where they are in one night. What you see right now is a product of time spent, energy used, devotion, tears, sweat, commitment that a person has poured into their talent.

It was in that moment, my Father opened my eyes to see that what I overlooked as something insignificant was important in His eyes. He didn’t give me this talent to be used when it was necessary but entrusted me with this talent, for me to work on it and to glorify Him. It’s not about what I have in my hands anymore but rather what He wants me to do with it.


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