Give God your time

“Time flies”, a phrase that has been echoed over and over again. There always seems to be a huge emphasis on time. Wherever we go – time is always on our mind, how we spend it, what we do with the time given and how to make sure that time doesn’t slip from our fingertips.

Everything we do is worked around time. So many things to check off our list, people to meet, places to be in so little time. It seems like the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down on your pillow, time does not wait for anyone.

And even with the time left in our day, it may feel as though you have no time. In other cases, when the opportunity to sit with God presents itself, we lose sight of it. Either it’s because that time spent with our Father, could have been used for something else or we check our watch and see when we can squeeze God in. Maybe that’s why we get frustrated when God is “taking too long” because we don’t allow Him the time to utter a word of encouragement or a warning before we rush out the door.

Sometimes if we’re not careful, we can be filled with the noises of life (from the blaring sounds of the alarm to the reports from the 7 o’clock news) and be consumed with it all – that we can become deaf to the beautiful whispers of the Holy Spirit.

This is not to condemn you or make you feel guilty for not spending time with God. I too have done the same things.

There have been many times where I plan to leave my quiet place, but He still has something to show me, a passage of scripture to read, a song that He placed in my heart to sing or listen. However, I ignore it because I have to quickly sort something out or the time, I have planned to spend with Him is coming to an end.

Just last week, I was becoming stressed with university work and felt like I was buried in due dates, exams, required readings, lecture slides and documentation. I remember confiding in two of my close friends about it and they told me to pace myself as well as pray about it. I did exactly what they said and sat down on my bed. I turned a blind eye to amount of textbooks piled on my desks, closed my laptop and didn’t touch a thing.

I gave God my time and let Him know what happened in the day, what’s going on and how I feel (even though God already knows). That sense of peace that I didn’t have before suddenly washed over me and I became content with everything surrounding me. I put my hope in Him and believed that all things will be sorted out just like he promised.

And that is the amazing thing about God, and I have heard people say this but never experienced this for myself until recently. But when you give God your time, He will miraculously stretch your time. I’m not talking about adding an extra hour. 24 hours a day is still 24 hours a day but it’s as if time slows down even though the clock is always ticking.

All the things that I thought I would never get done, was actually completed. The funny thing is, I forgot that I serve a God that is limitless, that stands outside of time and space. He is the Creator of the universe and time is literally in his hands. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is the sovereign and all things must bow down to His authority! And when He speaks, everything falls into place and must answer to His voice.

From this, I want to challenge you all to continually put God first.  To put God first, does not mean that your family, friends, career, education and other commitments are irrelevant but rather He should be the center of it all. He doesn’t merely want to be the God of your Sundays when you go to church! Our Father, just like any loving father, wants to be a part of every single moment.

My prayer is that you follow the tug of the Holy Spirit as he pulls you away from your repetitive tasks, the mundane, distractions from the world, your comfort zone and the thousands of things that you are yet to do. Before you enter your quiet place, before you even close the door, you leave your fear and worries at the feet of Jesus. And as you walk into the presence of God, you have an open heart and are still, knowing that He is God.

Rest. Don’t Stress. Most of all, remember that you are blessed!

Love you and have a refreshing week!

Susan 🙂

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