Change your perspective

Three days ago, I bought a bouquet which is featured in this blog for one of my close friends who graduated from bible college. I’m so proud of you Melissa and Melinda (if you’re reading this).

During that afternoon I looked at this bouquet and thought to myself “Gee it’s not that much”. I messaged one of my friends named Dita and show her a picture of it.

She answers saying “it looks like a bouquet to me”.

As funny as that response may sound, it caused me to really look at this bouquet of white and pink flowers that were right in front of me. I had a second look only to realise that down below were more flowers that hadn’t grown tall enough for me to observe from the surface. There were buds that were yet to develop.

And here I was thinking, it’s not that much. I guess from here what I want to say is that don’t allow your results to dictate your destiny. Don’t allow the things that you see have the final say over your future.

You may not see the outcome of your hard work, constant dedication and devotion. But don’t forget that God is still nurturing, providing and developing you during these moments. He’s working some things out.

Just like Dita who changed my whole perspective. Ask God to shift your attention from your situation and focus on Him. You’d be surprised at how you perceive your problem and season.


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