Who are you fighting?

It’s interesting how throughout Jesus’ crucifixion when he was mocked, spat on, beaten, bruised, hurt, bleeding, in pain, wrongly accused, degraded and treated unjustly — he never spoke a word. I know without a doubt, I would have said something. But he didn’t! And it was not because he was the Son Of God.

I asked in my mind, “How come Jesus never said a word”

The Holy Spirit replied, “We live in a world where everything requires a response”

It’s so true! We do live in a world where everything requires a response! Often we speak out quickly when its not needed. Someone offended us or said something that we don’t agree with, we’re ready to comment whether face-face or on Social Media. Maybe you’re not getting through to your friend, your parents are falling apart, your relationship seems to change all of a sudden. The person that you’ve been waiting to be saved to Christ hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. That co-worker driving you crazy to the point that you have to write in cap locks when you vent to your friend:


Whatever it is, don’t be quick to speak out or pull out your boxing gloves.

Ephesians 6:12 states:

“We are not fighting against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, cosmic power, spiritual forces and instruments of darkness that operate in the heavenly places”

So before you decide to get physical, argue or create friction between you and your loved ones, or even the person at work who makes your life frustrating!

Please, hold your tongue. Hold it!

Throw that one-liner that you’re about to use to roast that person real good.

And ask yourself?

Am I fighting the enemy or my neighbour who the enemy is using against me? Sometimes what we’re going through can be a test and we can’t excel in this test with flying colours if we’re tackling the problem on a physical level.

Take your fight to a spiritual level and intercede on their behalf. Ask God to give you strength. Ask God to give you the ability to look that person straight in the eye without envisioning all kinds of bad things in your mind. Allow the Holy Spirit to develop that fruit of patience, kindness and self-control. Most of all, pray for grace and the ability to bless those who curse you. Even better, let God teach you how to bless instead of cursing somebody out.

Cry out to the Father the way Jesus did on the cross.

“Father forgive them for they do not know that they have sinned” Pray, fast and never stop believing! Chains are being broken in the Heavens!

The only words that need to be exchanged are the words between you and God about that person. Don’t be gossiping about that person or getting angry.

Give it God and let Him deal with the person himself because you’ll be surprised at how that person will change before your very eyes.

Or even, you’ll be surprised at how you’ve changed because your responses will be different, the way you see that person will be different and the word you choose to speak about them will DEFINITELY be different.

But you have got to exercise that patience, self-control and allow God to change them because let’s be real.

You can’t change them only God can!

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